JulioNIB, yep, that weird nick refers to me Julio Cesar ^^
(please, don't add me as friend unless if you personally meet me, my personal page is personal lol)

This name is a result of combining Julio and N.I.B. song name (Nativity In Black - Black Sabbath), yes, it's not a cool nick but i like and here in Brazil sounds cool haha

Yes, i like Rock more than other kind of music (Rammstein, Slipknot, Black Sabbath, Power Wolf, Korn and much more).

So, I'm Brazilian, my english is "internet, games and movies learned", this is why my english is not so good, I'm programmer since 2009 (Delphi) and love to create and modify things, since programs up to cars (cars only modify, until now ^^).

I discovered how to make scripts for GTA IV in some date close to October of 2012, i was trying to find this script: Blastforce at GTA4Mods and i downloaded some other scripts like this one: Nemesis, i opened the .vb file with an text editor and voilĂ , i discovered that we can write script for GTA using vb.net language, before that i only toughed that it was possible with complex and custom languages, something impossible to me to learn because I'm too much lazy ^^

I started to modify this script, adding some custom things that i toughed should be nice to have and the result was my first script after one or two months of work: myTelekinesis powers

Some people liked a lot (including me ^^) and some requests started, one of them was to create fire effect for Ghost Rider ped model (GEL060 asked this one), after finish the request i saw that more things could be done, i continued the job and after one month i had my first own script (not a modified one): Ghost Rider. With this mod i saw that amazing things are possible in GTA IV with script.

After this one i made AC-130 (requested by TheVideoVolcano) and some small scripts like Simple Wall ride and Fus Ro Dah. Then the request to make an more real jet effect was made by CORE.MAX2010, the result was Air Combat IV.

After that i made other mods, small ones and more detailed ones, one of my last jobs was Iron Man IV (requested and released by H1Vltg3) and i learned a good lesson: Don't let other people release your mods.

My last big project was HULK script (requested by taltigolt) that was a blast, the statistics change was amazing ^^

This is the story in resume, until now.

Now, time to listen some rock again:

Need support using my mods? Contact me via my facebook page

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